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Welcome to Southern Delaware Tourism’s Media Page. We’re delighted you’re interested in covering Southern Delaware and we look forward to welcoming you personally. 

Southern Delaware Tourism welcomes the opportunity to assist visiting members of the media, with certain restrictions. We are able to assist visiting journalists secure lodging and admission into attractions, activities, and tours. Occasionally we may assist with meals. We are not able to assist with transportation to and from Southern Delaware, but do provide transportation within Sussex County on group FAM tours.  We ask that you provide four weeks’ notice for media hosting and itinerary assistance. If you’re unable to meet the four-week notification, we will try our best to accommodate you. 

Please include two samples of travel-related articles or coverage published in the last 12 months when filling out the request below. The level of assistance we are able to provide is determined by our evaluation of a journalist’s assignment, the scope of the story, audience and social media reach. Please note that complimentary arrangements are provided at the discretion of host businesses and are subject to availability. Black-out periods can occur that may necessitate a press rate, particularly at hotels. 

We encourage journalists to bring guests and/or family members while visiting, but cannot guarantee lodging, meals, or admissions for guests of working journalists. When a story requires family members or friends visiting, we will make arrangements on a case-by-case basis. 

Each season in Southern Delaware is special, quite beautiful and full of events and activities. Please check our website calendar to learn about events and activities taking place during your proposed visit. We encourage journalists, unless covering a specific event, to schedule their visits in early to mid-spring or in mid fall throughout winter. While we are sometimes able to accommodate journalists’ lodging/activitiies requests during late spring through mid-fall, that is our high season and we cannot guarantee we will be able to assist. 

We have thousands of photographs that are available to the media. If you don’t find what you’re looking for in our galleries, please use the form below to submit a request and we will supply the photos you need. Our galleries provide just a small sampling of available photos. Please include information about minimum required size/resolution in your request. When using photos from our media galleries or this website in general, please include the following photo credit: Courtesy of

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