One of the oldest surviving communities in western Sussex County, Bridgeville is located in Sussex County in the southwestern part of Delaware. Long before Sussex County was subdivided into hundreds, a community in the 1680's began to develop along the small waterway known as Bridge Branch. The name Bridgeville was adopted around 1810 and the Town was incorporated in 1871. 

Today, Bridgeville is a pleasant agricultural-oriented community known for fine homes; broad tree-lined streets; and apples, scrapple, cornfields, whitetail deer and championship golf.

Western Sussex Chamber of Commerce

Top Events and Attractions

Apple Scrapple Festival

Some of the best apples around are grown nearby at T.S. Smith and Sons Farm and since agriculture is a leading industry in the area, it seemed like a good idea to showcase them with a family festival! RAPA Scrapple was incorporated in 1926 and has been producing tasty blocks of scrapple ever since. So… the Apple Scrapple Festival was born.

T.S. Smith & Sons

T.S. Smith & Sons is a family owned farm in Bridgeville, that strives to provide the best grown fruit and vegetables on DelMarVa. Always delicious and fresh! They grow apples, peaches, asparagus, nectarines, sweet corn, strawberries, cantaloupe, broccoli, squash, tomatoes on an 800 acre farm.  There is a market located in an historical apple packing house, and the farm holds many family friendly events throughout the year.

Heritage Shores

The region's premier public golf course and event venue. Their restaurants are always open to the public!