Days/Hours of operation:  Park Open Year Round for visitation and camping. Nature Center Open 10am-4pm every day April-September. Closed Mondays and Tuesdays October-March

Tours: Guided tours and self-directed tours available. Tours include pontoon boat tours (April – Sept), Saturday morning bird walks (April – Sept), Freshwater Seining, etc. See program guide at website for current schedule. Many programs require pre-registration.

Focus: Watershed education and the Chesapeake Bay. Topics are wide with programs on Cultural History, Geography, Science, and Natural History/Environment. Most programs last 45 minutes to 1 hour, some require a small fee. Programs cover Pre-K to adult. Programs include Aquatic Mammals (ages 5 – 12, K-ESS2-2, ESS3-1, LS1-1); Fantastic Frogs (ages 4 – 10, K-LS1-1); Ticklish Turtles (ages 4 – 10, K-LS1-1); Insects-Beetles-Butterflies (ages 6 – 10, K-LS1-1); Tracks and Traces (adaptable to all age groups and mixed age groups, 2-LS4-1, 3-LS4-3); Owl Prowl (mixed age groups, 20LS4-1, 3-LS4-3); and many others. See website for details and schedule. Please contact the park naturalist at (302) 875-5163. Many of our programs can be adapted to homeschool groups. The Park Naturalist can also make recommendations on camping, cabins and overnight experiences.

Materials: Maps, Brochures, Pre-Made Scavenger Hunts, Parks Pursuit forms, and Trail challenge forms. All materials can be mailed up on request.

Cost: See website.